As I sweat I dream of Fall

I read on this morning that July was the hottest July that has ever been recorded, on Earth. I don’t know when they started recording these things, but I do know July has been hot. Weather doesn’t last forever, though, does it?

It’s been several months since my last post. In the meantime, I’ve had a roller coaster life. My family moved, leaving behind a beautiful house to live in a tiny apartment that costs more. I started homeschool preschooling my three year old. I had a miscarriage. None of these are the sorts of things that one usually finds reason to post about, nor that generally inspire sewing. Luckily, emotions and stress (both good and bad) are like the weather.

Fall seems to be the time of year I feel the need to assess my life, and with it my wardrobe. At the end of summer, I’m so over the oppressive heat, and the constant effort to find ways to modestly be naked (as if that has ever existed!), and I just want to throw everything away. I want to have as little stuff to take care of and as few clothes near me as possible. But with this annual purge, I usually end up finding the serious wardrobe gaps that were never resolved before temperatures made them unnecessary. Then Fall starts, and I panic.

Last year, when I went through this cycle, I didn’t do anything until it was almost too late, cranking out a few mesely items after I was already freezing. This year, with everything going on, and the knowledge that sewing wouldn’t be a convenient task, I started thinking about fall early. Good thing, too, because I have some serious wardrobe gaps still/again! And, with it still being over 100*F everyday, I’m REALLY looking forward to it being cool enough to notice those gaps!!

My husband was on a business trip last week, and since he wanted 3am wake up calls, it was only natural that I stay up all night to give home those wake up calls, and of course staying up until 3 am makes for a lot of sewing time! After my son went to sleep each night, I brewed a pot of coffee, turned on Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and sewed for hours. It was pretty amazing!

I don’t have real photos, just terrible in-the-bathroom-mirror ones, and four finished garments! I won’t share them all now, but I am especially happy about my Roscoe dress. I wore it day and night, taking it off only to shower daily and try on other items I was sewing, for three days! Whatever. Judge all you want, it was amazing!!

I used rayon challis from Joann’s. It’s pretty and has amazing drape, but it sure likes to disintegrate. I don’t know if I’m just completely incompetent, but even with French seams, my rayon clothes fray to the point of no repair usually just a few weeks after finishing them. This time, the seams seem like they’ll hold, but there are a bunch of random holes developing in the gathered panel at the bottom of the skirt. I’m not sure how to fix them, so I’ll just watch them and enjoy the hell out of this dress until it falls apart!

So, here’s to letting go, reassessing, and starting fresh, and to finding a little joy and comfort along the way.

Roscoe dress. View B. Leather cords at neck instead of pattern ties, and omitted sleeve binding.


2 thoughts on “As I sweat I dream of Fall

  1. RainDayPerson says:

    Ugh… what a heavy Spring to leave behind! Letting all of that drop and move forward must feel wonderful, though. Rayon Challis is always so tempting (with its beautiful, bright colours and pretty prints): I know the temptation. I’ve got a Craftsy class in my queue that I’m hoping will solve my challis-woes. I’m looking forward to seeing your oťher pieces. Great job keeping your chin up!

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