Unintentional sewing 

Despite planning, or understanding of sewing fundamentals, occasionally I think my brain shuts down for a bit and everything goes differently from how I intended it. 

Recently, I made a very unintentional jacket. I intended to make a wearable muslin of this jacket and to practice making and installing a lining (even though the pattern doesn’t call for one), but pretty much nothing went as planned. First, I was using a slightly washed out red cotton twill for the body. It was a free-to-me fabric, and close enough to my palette that I thought I could make it work, and wouldn’t be totally upset if the muslin just didn’t work. I cut the pieces, sewed the body together with a few small alterations to fit in advance, and tried it on. First of all, it was a tad snug in the shoulder. Second, it was REALLY short. Third, the red color was not working for me at all. On a whim I decided to dye it black. Well, not only did that not work, but the jacket edges that I hadn’t thought about before throwing in my washer frayed well beyond their seam allowances, so I wasn’t able to line it. 

I honestly know enough about all of this that I really should have prepared better than I did, but by trimming the edges and finishing them to prevent further fraying, the jacket amazingly works as is. 


 And I rather like the dusty rose color it dyed, which goes even better with my palette. (And with all the blushy pinks!)
It is very casual and lightweight, and like a cardigan or light blazer in its usefulness as a finishing piece. I’m not sure exactly how much wear it will get, but I actually really like it. And, as a muslin, it served its purpose very well. I know pretty much exactly what to do for my linen, actual version of this jacket. And what not to do.


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