Spring Fever

While a good sized chunk of the American population was dealing with this year’s version of Snowpocalypse, Vegas had a week that felt something close to warm, and it was wonderful! It dropped to freezing again, and even snowed, but has since fully rebounded into warm and sunny spring. Maybe it is the sunny 70 degree weather that had gotten to me, or maybe it was the overwhelming amount of Valentines Day swag and patio furniture decorating every retail space in existence for several weeks, but I have really started to get excited for spring, and it is looking pretty pink. Seriously. All fabric purchased within the past month has at least a small measure of blush to it.   

  Keeping with my general color palette, and the idea that I really like very simple, but feminine clothing, I’ve found myself making a lot of new things lately, and it is really exciting. Fall had a lot of purple. Who knows what summer will bring. Maybe crimson and indigo? We aren’t in any rush to get there, yet.

I’ve also (mostly) gotten knits sewing out of my system. I love knits, a lot, but until I have a serger, I’m really not going to sew very many knits. I can’t emphasize enough how much I dislike sewing knits on my basic machine. I attempted some tees and threw them back into the “incomplete” bin.

And so, I’ve been having a lot of fun with wovens again! So. Much. Fun! Even epic failure has been fun.

A few weeks ago, I completed a True Bias Roscoe Blouse I’ve been planning since Black Friday, and it has been in heavy rotation. I don’t know that I can love it more! 


I was trying to figure out a remote, pardon the face.

As I was sewing it, I tried it on and thought ‘I dunno… I don’t think this is going to fit.’ I am so glad I persevered because it was perfect, just like my Hudson pants, straight out of the printer. I used a polyester crepe, which was pretty much impossible to press along the way, but was a great experience otherwise. I’d love to make some nice silk versions, but my toddler and wallet tell me that I should stick with poly for now, or at least maybe rayon. I actually have a white cotton voile with gold printing that I recycled from a dress I held onto for too long despite the fact it will never fit me, and I’ll bet it makes a lovely, summery boho version!


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