When you can’t sew…

I’ve been laid up since before New Years with something closely resembling a sinus infection, and I broke my last sewing machine needle sewing a little zippered pouch for a Christmas present, so no new sewing has been going down. 

That’s okay. When you can’t actually sew, you can still prep and research and think about sewing. And you can knit a lot while wearing home sewn comfy things. And I mean knit A LOT. Since New Years, I finished the first sweater I’ve knit for my son, and an ultra warm double layer hat for a friend, and I’m well into the insole of a pair of socks for myself, and it’s only six days into the year!

I did only the most minimal Black Friday/cyber Monday shopping in 2015. I bought over 20 yards of fabric and four indie patterns. I’m really really spendthrift about patterns, but there are some things that I am not ready to screw around with self drafting with. Besides that, there is so much to be learned from well drafted patterns. So, I bit the proverbial bullet and got 20% off to ease my pride.

I’m trying to learn how to sew with knits, so two of the patterns were for knit fabric, the Sallie jumpsuit by Closet Case Files, and the Hudson pants from True Bias. Comfy lounge clothes are an important part of my mom wardrobe, and my preference for dresses has gone out the window as a certain troublemaking toddler tests my modesty with his shenanigans. The Hudson pants can be made more or less casual, ranging from straight up sweats to drapery rayon slacks, and can be worn year round. True Bias even has a hack for modifying the pattern to be a short skirt, which is great versatility for a few years from now. Sallie has multiple neckline options, and can be a maxi dress, a shorter dress, a jumpsuit, or a romper. That’s awesome!

The other two patterns I bought are for the Roscoe blouse by True Bias, which is a simple, pretty, comfy peasant blouse that can also be a dress in various lengths, and the Clare coat by Closet Case Files. I love how simple the blouse is. It is an easy sew  and a shape that I hope is universally flattering. I have a pretty floral crepe I bought specifically to use for the blouse, and it is already cut and ready to go as soon as I get new needles. There is just enough crepe leftover for a new (and improved) tank top this spring. The Clare Coat is a goal. I got rid of my coats over the summer and haven’t had one this winter. Vegas doesn’t get too cold, but it gets cold enough to regret not having a coat, or jacket, or wool sweater, or any of the basic garments normal people (not obsessed with purging and making) have. I want to skill up this year, so the Clare Coat is a project for this spring or summer to ensure I have a coat by next winter. I’m going to do view a, because I LOVE the asymmetric zipper and front. I still have to figure out everything else, though…

I am currently wearing my first pair of Hudson pants. No joke, I’ve worn them almost every day since Christmas, mainly taking them off to shower and throw them in the wash. Straight out of the printer, the pattern was perfect. That has never happened before! I used stretch fleece from my big Black Friday purchase, and have four more pairs cut for myself plus more planned for gifts. Actually, half the fabric I bought was with these two True Bias patterns in mind! 

The last bit of fabrics I bought were for free patterns. I bought stretch lace for Indigo Orchid’s t-shirt underwear pattern, and for Cloth Habit’s Rosy Ladyshorts. Those are both halfway complete, so I don’t know how either will work, but I’m optimistic. I also bought a few yards of rayon stretch jersey for lounge t-shirts. Tessuti has two free patterns available that I like: the Mandy Boat Tee, and Our Fave Top.

So that’s where things stand. Soon, I’ll replace my needles and get some sewing done, but until then, I’ll think and plan and prep for sewing, and finish those socks.


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