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Self awareness in planning and organization

I’m not an organized person. I strive to be, I really do, but it usually doesn’t work out. With sewing, especially, I really want to be more organized– make a plan, stick to the plan, keep everything orderly — especially when I see other sewists organization. I recently saw this post and realized that I don’t utilize croquis! A croquis is a figure outline used in fashion to create garment sketches. At one point, I sketched flat images of things I wanted to make and kept them in an inspiration notebook. What good is a flat drawing when I’m trying to plan garments to properly fit and look good on my not-flat body? Jenny Rushmore (aka Cashmerette) saw a gap in resources for curvy and plus – sized women and created this beautiful sketchbook. While that is definitely a step in the right direction, drawing on an inaccurate body outline is going to result in an inaccurate idea of how something will look, regardless of the girth of the figure model.

And then I found this site! First off, this has to be the most brilliant effort in body image confidence building I’ve ever seen! Second, I feel completely idiotic for never thinking of doing this for myself. I studied studio art in college! My favorite class was figure drawing!!

As a result of all of this, I’m happy to report I’m well on my way to having a set of croquis traced from photos of my actual body! Maybe thus won’t actually make me more organized, but maybe it will help me better cull future pattern selections and be more happy with end wardrobe results. Right now, that’s plenty good-enough for me!


I’m back! Did you miss me?

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve written! Last year in September, my amazing husband and I bought our first house. Half a year later, our adorable son turned two. The combination of these facts resulted in almost no sewing, and somewhat unorthodox exercise sessions. The house is a new build, and the first place I’ve lived where I had the freedom to make my own. As much as I love sewing, HOMEmaking will trump it most days. I have spent the past year painting (nearly) every room, hanging photos and artwork, refurnishing, landscaping, hanging shelves and towel rings and ceiling fans, installing cabinet hardware, and trying to survive life as a parent of a toddler.

As part of my efforts to truly settle into this house and make it our home, the only sewing I’ve really been able to do has been to work on my first adult sized quilts, ever. During the almost 8 1/2 hubbs and I have been together, we’ve never bought attractive bedding, just whatever was cheap and got the job done. No bed-in-a-bags, no pretty coverlets, nothing. In fact, we’ve never upgraded from our metal frame, and haven’t bought a new set of sheets or a new blanket in at least five years. Priorities. There are two quilts in progress. I think it will honestly be spring before they are done, and I’m okay with that.

The only other key things that have happened in the past year are that I ran two 5ks this year instead of just one, I chopped my hair off in the last weeks of being 30, I Konmaried my life and wardrobe a little too much this summer (ah-ha! The reason my excitement for sewing has been awakened), and I jumped on the paleo bandwagon (day 25 of my first whole30, actually).

And I just bought (and sewed) my first Colette pattern ever: Wren. But more about that another day. It’s so nice to be back!