I’ve been busy.

It has been weeks and weeks since I have written about what I have done, mainly because I’ve been trying to do it!

This month, in addition to trying to do a self-imposed workout challenge that I am failing miserably at, I have been to a wedding (out of state), followed by a mothers’ day (still out of state), and a recent (also out of state) unplanned pseudo family reunion. I’m not a flyer, either. I love flying, but my bank account doesn’t. Since the last time I wrote, I have been away from home for 7 out of 20 days. That is a lot, especially with a toddler.

In addition to all my adventures (in another state), I have actually been able to SEW! WOOHOO!! You already know about the tank tops and linen pants I’ve added to my closet, but what else have I made? Dresses! Three of them, to be precise. And, technically speaking, I didn’t use a pattern for any of them, which makes me pretty awesome!

Inspired by the Washi dress by Made-by-rae.com, but not quite willing to pay what she deserves for her pattern (I knew I would have to butcher the whole thing to get it to fit right, anyway), I drafted my own. I also finished a lovely, structured dress I’ve been working on for literally weeks. Would you like to see them? Of course you would!





Structured dress. This thing was a lesson in lining!


Back view of the structured dress.



This dress was ca little too short for motherhood, so I added a solid aqua-colored block of fabric near the hemline. It is a little too long and motherly now, but this is the sacrifice I am willing to make to chase my kid around with some modesty.


And, this is the last dress. This photo, like all my photos today, just doesn’t do the fabric justice. It is really pretty, and makes me instantly happy wearing it.

I apologize for the photo quality. It is really hard to photograph yourself with a camera, especially when you only have a prime lens. I am not above taking bathroom mirror selfies with my phone!

Anyway, I still have lots more planned, but it is exciting to see my new wardrobe really taking shape, and I am thrilled to have some casual and slightly-less-casual dresses to add to the ranks.





I made PANTS!

I can check off yet another item on my 2014 goals checklist. I made linen pants. Two pairs. I started with a basic pants pattern with a drawstring or elastic waist, made a muslin, pinned and fitted like crazy, and eventually ended up with a completely different shape than I started out with. I made a paper copy of the pattern I created for myself (a pants version of a sloper or pattern block, I suppose), and used it to cut pieces for my linen pants. I then finished off the muslin pants, which were actually literally made of muslin, and I technically have a third pair of wearable pants. The muslin ones are pretty sheer, so they are best suited for the beach or as pjs, but I love them all the same.





These darker ones are a tad long, which I will fix after vacation. The second pair, which I didn’t take any photos of (because they are the same pants…) are much lighter colored and hemmed to a more appropriate length. 

I really have to say, the hardest part of sewing pants is really getting the fit right. After that, the actual sewing is really quick. Each of these pants had five long seams, the hems, and the waistband. That is it. After cutting the fabric, I only spent about an hour to an hour-and-a-half total sewing both pairs. That is the quickest sewing project I’ve tackled in a while, besides taking things in.




Running Belt Complete!

I have never sewn swim fabric before, and it is not the easiest material to work with. I generally like it, although it is certainly flawed.




And, on a side note, now that May has officially started, I’ve decided to utilize another Pinterest pin, and start doing some 30-day fitness challenges. I’ve started this one:

Wish me luck!