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Tank top takeover…

Through some sheer determination. I have finished not one, not two, but THREE drapey tank tops! When I went through my closet, I have a tshirt drawer filled with about 90% knit tank tops (which I wear under other things, and am trying to get away from wearing on their own), the three woven tank tops I just finished, and only about 4 other shirts! I’m not done sewing tank tops, yet, because I obviously love them, but diversity is key to a wearable wardrobe, so I am going to work on some more refashion projects for a while.


The “swimsuit cover-up” tank.


The “formerly lace-trimmed boho top” tank.


Sheer butterfly tank.


I’m glad it isn’t this sheer worn.

Close up, you can see shimmery, metallic stripes in the fabric.

Close up, you can see shimmery, metallic stripes in the fabric.


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Went for a run today…

I have a confession. With the exception of a few treadmill intervals, I haven’t gone running since my 5k on March 15. The week before the 5k, I forgot my stroller in California while visiting family, and I didn’t get it back until last week, when family visited me.

I tried to change that today, with minimal success. I took the boy out for a jog, and walked about 70% of the 3 miles. Oh well, I got back on the outdoor running horse, and that is what is most important, right?

Also, I bought a new camera, so I played around with it along the way. Enjoy some photos.










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Bras are torture.

As a nursing mom, I have had my share of bra size changes. I went shopping last week, and discovered that I have dropped a couple cup sizes, but am still above the shoppable DD cup size. Yay me.

In case you couldn’t catch the sarcasm in that, let me just say that it is torture shopping for uncommon bra sizes. Almost no one carries anything above a D, and when they do, the sizing varies enormously (puns aside) from one brand or style to the next. Also, they are astronomically expensive. Also, when the cups fit, there is still a high chance of having the underwire not fit.

TMI, I know, but it reinforces the thought I had that I just need to bite the proverbial bullet and sew bras for myself.

At least I had this little guy to keep me company through all the torture (new bra #1 displayed in part on my shoulder):

Despite the fact the underwires keep digging into my underarms, and despite the added work involved in not being “nursing” bras, I have to say, having a well fitting bra makes a world of difference, in life and in clothing sewing!


So much done and not much to show for it.

I have a toddler. He loves me very much. He also loves fabric and thread and my sewing room, just not in a productive way. He’s at the early language stage in which he points to everything and wants to hear the word for it. I sit in my sewing room, at my sewing table, with him on my lap, not sewing. When he eventually falls asleep for a nap on the guest bed in the room, I’m terrified to wake him by using my sewing machine. So, instead I have been cutting. I currently have fabric cut for two tanks, one square top, and two dresses. Maybe one day I can actually make these cuttings into wearable, wonderful clothes. In the meantime, I have finished two projects. YAY!

The first one is the running/yoga belt with the zippered pocket. I don’t have any pictures of that yet, so it will have to wait.

Second, last week I posted a teaser photo of a work in progress, that is now complete. My dress form was gracious enough to model it for me.

This was once a rectangular swimsuit cover with a drawstring waist:


And now it is this:

purple dot tank

Here is a close up of the fabric and armhole/bust dart detail:


I fell in love with the fabric and it has been sitting in my closet for almost two years. I wore it as a dress over leggings a few times, but it always screamed SWIM SUIT COVER, so it didn’t get used as much as it deserved. After auditing my current wardrobe, I realized that I own and wear so many knit tank tops, it made sense to dress the look up a little. I love the result. I’ve already worn it to the Hoover Dam, as was noticed by a friend in a Facebook selfie. I think my friends have as much an eye for detail and design as I do. This must be why we are friends!

I had to draft this pattern myself, but I think it was a success, and I used it to cut two more tanks with a round neck, instead of a V-neck. One will be from scratch, and the other is yet another item from my current wardrobe that had amazing fabric, but was not working out stylistically:

Teal Floral Boho

I love teal. Teal, in all its glorious shades, is my absolute favorite color genre. Red follows. This fabric has both, plus is sheer and drapey, and is FLORAL! I saved the boho trim to use on another top, and can’t wait to finally stitch this together. I think it will be simple, but beautiful.

And, because I am on a repurposed fabric spree, I’ll also share one more:

shower curtain fabric

The photo doesn’t do this polyester beauty justice. I was given this shower curtain as a wedding gift almost five years ago. I think I lived in a place that needed a shower curtain about a year. The rest of the time, this lovely watercolory aqua and grey fabric has been sitting in a closet waiting to be shown off. I have it cut now to become a lovely structured cocktail dress. Picture sleeveless, princess seams, a lower cut V-neck, a high waist, and a pleated, knee-length, almost A-line skirt. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it is as lovely as I am picturing.


What a view!

I just have to take a moment to enjoy the view from my new work table. The quality of these photos from my phone just don’t do justice on such a lovely day, but in the zoomed in one, you can make out the world famous Las Vegas strip. And when I turn around, behind me is a view of my angel, peacefully napping. ❤


Some updates

I have a few sewing blogs I follow, somewhat regularly. One of them, Coletterie, has been doing a Wardrobe Architect series since the beginning of the year, going step by step, week after week, helping those following along to have a more organized approach to creating a wardrobe that is functional and well loved.

Most of the activities are pretty intuitive, and though you already know what you like and what you want when it comes to style, they help you weed out the fluff from overexposure to clothing and trends.

While following the series, I have come to better identity what I like, on me, and how that stacks up to what I have. After working in clothing retail for five years, I have realized that I buy clothing based on price and convenience more than fit or style, or even liking the clothes I purchase. I theoretically like something, it looks terrible on me, I give up and buy basic items on clearance, or I buy things anyway and hope for the best. What that means is a full closet of clothes with a daily feeling of not having anything to wear, and a dresser full of solid tops and comfy bottoms. Boring!

What I realized is I love tank tops. I love femininity. I love florals and prints and gem tones (especially teams, aquas, greens, and reds). I love lace, though less than florals. I love ruffles and keyholes and skirts and so many other quintessential girly things. I don’t like to put effort into dressing, though, and I don’t like looking overdressed. And, if I have to choose between a really pretty floral sun dress and yoga pants with a tank top, the latter will win every time because it is just so much easier and more comfortable. Trying to clean a house, nurse and chase after a young toddler, while wearing “cute” clothes just never seems to work.

I’m not done with the series, yet, as it is still ongoing, but I did audit my closet and come up with some easy solutions. With the help of Polyvore, I realized I can have my cake and eat it too, and without buying any new fabric (I’m trying to destash, remember?) if I mak some modifications to clothes I own but never wear. Instead of a solid knit tank top, for example, I could wear a sheer woven tank with a bright and fun print, refashioned from a swim covering or a rarely-worn blouse. Instead of drawstring sweatpants or pajamas, I can wear soft and comfy drawstring linen pants, mimicking the pattern.

I know I planned on finishing projects first, but instead I have a giant pile of clothes to modify stacked on my table, waiting to be (fixed and) worn.

Here’s a small taste of what is to come:


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I have a work space!
It’s going to be a while before it is fully organized, but it is functional and I’ve already been putting it to use! Woohoo! Planning, perseverance, and a great birthday present from my hubby paid off, and I am proud of my hand built sewing space. 🙂