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I’ve had gym memberships before. They were used more than once a month, but fewer than once a week, so I cancelled them.

I prepaid for 8 mommy and baby yoga classes (that are held Mondays and Fridays) when my son was about 5 months old. He’ll be a year old in two weeks and I have only been to 4 classes.

I sometimes do workout videos. Breathless Body by Amy Nixon is great, as are all the fitness blender videos.I don’t do them as often as I should. I’m not lazy, I just make other tasks a priority. I did say I have an almost one year old.

Knowing I need to get into better shape for several dozen reasons, I’m taking it more seriously this time.

I did two crazy things to ensure I’m actually taking my fitness seriously: I registered for a 5k, and I joined a fitness club called Orange Theory Fitness. OTF is pretty pricey, but without a registration fee or contract, it is one of the most reasonable choices for me. And from everything I have read, it is EFFICIENT. For each one-hour high-intensity circuit class, you spend between 12 and 23 minutes at 80%-90% your max heart rate, which not only helps you burn anywhere from 700-1000 calories in class, but kick starts your metabolism to burn more for the following 36 hours. I don’t mind hard work, so long as it is efficient.

So, with these two steps, I am officially locked into this whole fitness thing. And, I’m really excited!


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I do best when I make clearly defined to-do lists. I see them as goals to accomplish.

My goals for this year, for the sake of this blog are to:
– Finish all my unfinished projects!!
– Sew myself a bra!! Maybe even two.
– Sew myself well-fitting linen pants.
– Make a nursing-friendly summer dress.
– Make a jacket from some awesome khaki stretch utility fabric.
– Run at least two 5ks before 2015.
– Lose enough weight to get to 25% (or less) body fat. Currently that is a little more than 10 pounds. My ultimate goal is to be around 20%, which is 25 or so pounds, but I am being realistic.

So there it is, in writing. What do I do first? Do I finish projects started? Do I add to my fabric stash by buying things for a bra? No.

First I work on an entirely different sort of DIY project: I’m building myself a sewing station, from wood, with my hands and some power tools!!

Oh, yeah, and by joining Orange Theory Fitness, but more on that another day.

Are you as excited as I am?

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In progress.

A dear friend recently reminded me that everyone loves feeling a part of the process of life in progress. With that in mind, I’ll introduce myself.

I’m Robin. I am a Jill of all trades, master of none. I like doing things myself, even when it means that the end result isn’t as good as, or costs more than, having someone else do it for me. What can I say? Of all the flaws a person can have, I’ll take this one.

I have a problem with clothes. They don’t fit. Some of it is weight-based, but other things are out of my control. I have big boobs, a high waist, and big hips. Clothes aren’t made for my shape, at all.

So, with my characteristic DIY attitude, I’ve started making or modifying clothes to fit me, as I work on getting myself into shape and becoming more “fit”.

I hope you enjoy my little adventure.